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'Legit' iMesh Still Not Legit
Filters aren't working, apparently
by Karl Bode 03:35PM Thursday Nov 03 2005
Lots is being made (Wired) about the fact that iMesh has now gone legit, using audible magic to prevent searches for unlicensed (pirated) materials. CNET points out that the pirated material filters aren't really working, however. "We don't see this as a long-term challenge," said iMesh Executive Chairman Bob Summer. He should; iMesh not only has to compete with other illegal p2p outfits, they have to compete with iTunes, and RIAA attorneys if their filters don't work. Time for a site pool on how long the "legit" iMesh lasts?

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Titusville, FL

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How long does it take to use up all your investors money? I say 3 months.



Re: Uh?

I have an odd feeling it will be shorter.

Just call it a hunch.

Wylie, TX

mental institution???

If they haven't noticed that no matter what you try people are going to get around it, then they are insane. Just my .02.

Music Lover Forever
Beaverton, OR

History will repeat itself

Remember when the old Napster tried to implement filters to block out "unlicenced" content?

They tried and tried, but could not implement truely effective filters. People will always find ways around it.

Shutting iMesh down would be the only way to prevent people from using it to share "unlicenced" content. Filters just don't work.

Spaced Out
Aurora, CO

Re: History will repeat itself

In reality, the problem isn't with iMesh, the problem is with the attitude of the users. They demonstrate a marked flaw in their behavior by considering that it is perfectly permissible to steal another person's property based simply on the fact that they can do it. It is sad to see that so many individuals will actually defend themselves based upon that single premise. I see this as just another sign of the decay of American society.



Re: History will repeat itself

No whats causing decay in america is the fact that large corporations have control of this country. For instance, the MPAA is trying to outlaw any hardware device that isn't 'approved' (licensed) by them. This is nothing more than a money grab. The RIAA and the MPAA should be forbidden from filing these 'john doe' lawsuites. Maybe then they'll rethink their business models.

Olympia, WA
yes lets blame the people downloading cus they are truly the evil ones here. i mean it could not be the sony s of the world trying to hold on to their profits knowing that they are a candle stick maker in a electric light world. good luck blaming those evil music downloaders i know sony thanks you!

did i mention you should be proud and i have never downloaded a song or movie so i do not need to defend myself. but i am able to recognize stupidity when it is presented before me

Cockeysville, MD
it's not stealing, it's copyright infringement. the decay is to throw out more or less legalese to foster FUD.

Centreville, VA
the decay of American society.
After all... nobody outside of North America ever pirates music/software/porn/etc.



The poor versus the rich

This is one of the few things the poor can do to try make things even for themselves against the rich.

Personally, I'd rather have people "stealing" IP than out robbing or killing people.

Digital crime? This is a joke. Who cares? It doesn't matter in the grand scheme of life. Let people have their fun. Companies, "stars", athletes, these are all people that we don't need in society, they are compensated to well for too little. We need to get back to the basics.

Eatontown, NJ

It's all good

Wait till someone makes a version called Imesh I++ Then we'll use that.

Don't Blame Me I Voted For Bill and Opus

Cheyenne, WY

Re: It's all good

sounds just like Napster all over again. Face it the RIAA/MPAA really doesn't want the word download anywhere in the description of distribution, iTunes, at al, not withstanding.

Gort, Klattu Birada Nikto


Re: It's all good

They don't even want ITumes unless Steve Jobs will up the price Apple charges so RIAA, et all can get a piece of IPod sales.

Bottom line, it's a money grab. RIAA, the record companies and the world at large have long known they are putting out CDs with 1 or 2 good songs and the rest is filler. They pressure the artists to spin out the worst kind of swill so they can spread the good material over multiple CDs for the length of the contract. What for? Money. Remember when Perot ran for President. His big phrase was "follow the money".

Now (and for a few years back), their fat, dumb, and happy business model is under attack. Consumers (the reason these companies are in business) are saying "Wait a second. We want proper value for our money." The record companies are not interested. So the people start stealing so they can create the compilations they desire. Several companies try to create a pay-per-song model, and get sued out of existence. Apple comes up with one (they have the money to withstand a legal battle) and it is accepted...for a while. Next thing you know, record companies switch back into the greed mode.

Follow the money. Always follow the money.
Televideo ergo sum.....I watch TV, therefore I am.



Re: It's all good

Well said bigunk ... I agree with your comment totally
Im sure there wasnt this much fuss over tape casettes??