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6Mbps is Enough
But AT&T hints at potential 'bursting' technology
by Karl Bode 03:42PM Wednesday Jun 14 2006
As AT&T has told us and repeatedly stated publicly, they believe the 6Mbps they'll be offering customers after "Project Lightspeed" network upgrades are complete will be plenty of bandwidth for the average user. If more bandwidth is needed, the company plans to implement pair bonding and improved compression.

IP Democracy points to executive comments that the company may implement "bursting", akin to Comcast's recently announced "Powerboost", which is driven by PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) technology from Camiant.

"We haven't foreclosed the possibility of providing our users with capabilities for bursty bandwidth," says AT&T’s SVP of Investor Relations Richard Dietz. Dietz also stated that with pair bonding there is "plenty of bandwidth", though this assumes there are extra pairs available to all users, and assumes they are within range of the CO.

Industry analysts have twice in the past month insisted AT&T is planning to change course and shift to a fiber to the home model a la Verizon Fios, but so far there has been absolutely no confirmation of that from anyone at AT&T.

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AT&T's new Bursting Technology
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