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70% of Consumers Haven't Heard of 4K TV
by Karl Bode 08:00AM Monday Mar 10 2014
70% of consumers have never heard of the 4K high definition TV standard, according to a new study by Leichtman Research Group. Of the 30% who have heard of the higher-resolution standard, only about a third of those has actually seen a 4K set. That said, expectation and awareness changes quickly, and awareness and ownership of 4K sets should rise dramatically as prices begin to fall in line with more traditional high-definition televisions.

"Nearly 60% of TV sets used in US households are now HD sets, up from less than 20% just five years ago," notes Bruce Leichtman. Other notable bits from the study:

•88% with annual household incomes over $50,000 have an HDTV -- compared to 68% with household incomes under $50,000

•Among those getting HD programming from a cable, satellite, or Telco provider, the perceived mean number of channels of HD programming is 82 -- up from 42 five years ago

•28% of those who have seen a 4K Ultra HDTV are very interested in getting it, while 15% of all who have heard of 4K HDTV are very interested in getting it

•14% of households have a Smart TV set that is connected to the Internet, including 3% of households that have more than one connected Smart TV set -- connected Smart TVs account for about 7% of all television sets used in US households

•22% of all households purchased a TV set in the past 12 months -- an annual level that has been fairly consistent for the past decade.

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Re: Very few will care about 4k......

the exact same could have been said for 1080p/720p