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Tampa Woman Tries to Run Down Fios Installers
'The first time I told them to leave,' says woman
by Karl Bode 12:08PM Friday Dec 30 2005
A 45 year old Tampa housewife was so frustrated with Verizon Fios installers digging in her yard, she tried to run them down with her car, according to local news reports. The woman was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. "Sentence her to life with cable!" jokes one of the users in our Verizon Fiber Optic forum.

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Louisville, KY

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reply to LinuxJunkie

Re: Just another event...

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Canada is one of our closest allies. If you are going to attack someone attack the French!



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Yeah, I'm sure you guys gas women by the hundreds everyday up there because you Canadians are just so darn tough, eh? At least our army amounts to more than a couple of men in ghey red uniforms riding horses. Call us what you want but Canada's the country everybody doesn't remember exists until somebody else mentions it.


Port Charlotte, FL

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Re: Why?

said by NickD:

I'd love to have people digging up my yard to install Fios here
Yeah really...I think I'd grab a shovel and help.
I have a shaved head, a goatee, and tatoos. Don't you realize the rules don't apply to me.

Princeton Junction, NJ

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I'd love to have people digging up my yard to install Fios here