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Rogers Bit Torrent Cat & Mouse
Now clamping down on ports 1720, 1750
by Karl Bode 10:53AM Thursday Feb 09 2006
Instead of upgrading their networks, Canadian providers Shaw and Rogers have been using packet shaping technology to throttle Bit Torrent users. Worse, when confronted with the tactic, they've often denied such technology is in play. The decision has resulted in a game of cat & mouse between users and the ISP.

Users in our Rogers forum had discovered they could get around the company's efforts to muzzle Bit Torrent traffic by changing their BitTorrent client port to 1720. Rogers has apparently discovered that tactic and has started throttling ports 1720 and 1755 as well. At least one person in the thread says they've found success by using the latest beta of µTorrent, which features end-to-end encryption.

Rogers next tactic will likely mirror that of American overbuilder RCN, who has restricted the number of Bit Torrent connections that can be made. An RCN executive recently stopped by our forums and addressed their tactic directly with our users.

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