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Nintendo Wii: $250?
Nintendo mum on price, cites Q4 '06 launch
by Karl Bode 04:44PM Tuesday May 09 2006
Nintendo played coy about the price of their upcoming broadband-centric Wii gaming console at E3 today, only stating the console would be out in the fourth quarter of the year (Canadian Press). According to an edition of Electronic Gaming Monthly, the console's launch price should be around $249 (Revolution Report). The system will allow downloading of a large catalog of past Nintendo titles via broadband. Engadget has offered up their impressions of the Nintendo press junket.

Engadget also has some info on the console's now-named on-line system: Wii-Connect 24. It will apparently be always connected to the Internet, even when in standby mode. Meanwhile Nintendo has updated the hardware specs at the official website.

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