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What Broadband Price War?
Public Knowledge laments duopoly
by Karl Bode 12:01PM Tuesday Jul 11 2006
Public Knowledge takes a look at the current "competitive" broadband climate. The piece points to a new study by Kagan research that suggests the existing duopoly system has allowed incumbent providers to avoid significant price-reductions (other than introductory offers) and other adaptation you'd see in a truly competitive environment. "Though the battle for broadband access subscribers is intense, there’s no screaming price war between cable TV and telcos, and Kagan Research doesn’t expect one in the foreseeable future," the report proclaims. It notes the average price for cable modem service was $39.45 per month, and $35.38 for DSL.

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el Camino Real

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reply to itguy05

Re: Duh, simple business.

said by itguy05:

Surprise Surprise.... Just goes to show "competition" is merely a panacea that makes us THINK prices will go down.
I had 768/128 for $49.95 a month five years ago. Today I have 3000/768 for $29.95 a month. All with the same ISP.
Funny how competition works.
If only the Verizon CSRs worked this well.