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Utopia: Capped and Throttled?
Ultra-fast fiber connections have their limits
by Karl Bode 03:36PM Tuesday Jul 18 2006
Utah's UTOPIA municipal fiber project is the largest in the country, serving more than a dozen cities with fiber, much to the dismay of incumbents Qwest and Comcast. While the project does offer some incredible speeds for relatively little coin, users in our forums note that the ISPs offering service over the Utopia network are allegedly employing throttles and caps, limiting exactly how much users can enjoy these services.

Utah's MStarMetro offers symmetrical 15Mbps fiber connections for $40, but at least one of our users claims their p2p applications are being throttled (As with Shaw/Rogers, using Bit Torrent encryption or changing ports usually solves this problem). Xmission also offers 15Mbps symmetrical connections for $40, but users in our forums indicate that the ISP caps its users around 100gigs a month.

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