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VoIP Quality Declining
Or not...
by Karl Bode 07:44PM Tuesday Jul 25 2006
A new report by a company named Brix Networks is getting plenty of media and blog attention this week. After testing more than a million VoIP connections via the TestYourVoIP website, the company issued a report claiming that about 20 percent of all calls had unacceptable quality, and they have noticed a significant drop in VoIP call quality over the past 18 months.

Brix, a company in the business of selling VoIP monitoring hardware and backed in part by Telus, tells CNET that the decline in VoIP quality is due to VoIP services being forced to share bandwidth with other greedy applications such as video & music downloads and interactive gaming.

As Techdirt notes, without more data, it's hard to offer the report as an accurate assessment of VoIP quality, much less as evidence a two-tier Internet is needed (which the CNET piece seems to imply).

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Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA

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Yeah, right!

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Just for kicks... I ran the Test Your VoIP test.

I don't have VoIP!

As a matter of fact, I have Digital Phone service, but this test cannot connect to it.

Ask Cheese69 how good my CPD is.

Using the simulation from me to San Jose and getting a "3.8" on their test is still bogus!
My connection, over all protocols, is - shall we say, Great!

I call bullshit on this test site!
Detailed results(pic #2)
Think outside the Fox... Opera


Regina, SK

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VoIP is a step down from POTS

I'm not sure why so many companies are banking on VoIP to be the next killer app

it's slick, but it's not as reliable as POTS, and generally has slightly lesser quality