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Verizon 'Unlimited' EV-DO: Limited
And usage monitor may be incorrect?
by Karl Bode 01:10PM Wednesday Jul 26 2006
Consumer Affairs realizes something we've been talking about for over a year: that Verizon's "unlimited" wireless EV-DO broadband service is actually limited to 10 gigs a month or so, and features an end-user agreement that restricts everything but simple browsing. A Verizon spokesman dances around the paradox of offering a limited, unlimited service:
"Jeffrey Nelson, Verizon Wireless spokesman, said that calling the service, "unlimited" is not misleading.

"It's very clear in all the legal materials we put out," he said. "It's unlimited amounts of data for certain types of data," he said.
Consumer Affairs received a letter warning them that they had consumed more than 10 gigs in a month, when the outfit's own usage logs indicated they'd downloaded less than 2 gigs during the past year.
"The letter also said our "10 Gigabytes" in 30 days was, "more than 40 times that of a typical user." That would mean the "typical user" only downloads about 8.3 megabytes per day - good for less than 12 seconds of constant downloading at the service's average speed."
A copy of the letter Verizon Wireless sends out can be found here.

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