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Sprint Confirms Mobile Wimax Plans
Trials in 2007, launch in 2008
by Karl Bode 03:24PM Tuesday Aug 08 2006
Discussed briefly this morning, Sprint has now confirmed that it plans to deploy mobile Wimax as its fourth generation wireless broadband solution. Sprint will spend up to $3 billion on the nationwide network, with help from Samsung, Intel, and Motorola. According to Sprint, trial markets should start popping up in 2007, with the goal of 100 million people served by the end of 2008. Speeds offered at first should be in the neighborhood of 2-4Mbps.

A good write-up can be found at Daily Wireless. With Sprint's co-branding deal with major cable operators, will we ultimately see Wimax cable broadband bundles? A more official announcement will be made on Tuesday. A nod to PCS Intel, who had Sprint's decision pegged way back in January.

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Tavistock NJ

Fast deployment of mobile Wimax will kill citywide WiFi

If Sprint can pull this off in conjunction with backing from Intel, Motorola, Samsung, and the cable alliance, citywide WiFi projects become almost totally redundant and non-practical. The higher speeds of fixed and mobile Wimax will make the speeds being rolled out in public WiFi a joke. Supporters of those widespread WiFi projects, if they haven't already rolled out their technology, should consider cancelling or modifying their plans.
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Re: Fast deployment of mobile Wimax will kill citywide WiFi

The writing seems to be on the wall with Sprint and Cable companies working on wimax packages for their customers. Couple that with Sprint and the cable companies working together to bid on even more spectrum coming up in the auction and it's pretty clear where they're going with everything...
Jacksonville, FL

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Public WiFi will be probably be cheaper if not free in some places.

Sprint Mobile WiMax will probably start at $59/mo for "unlimited".

Different audiences, different markets.

Please remember that there have been many WiMax announcements in the past 3 years that have nothing to show for it. Proof is in deployment and it will be interesting to see where they are come 2007 and 2008.

Also, what is the impact to Sprint's EVDO Rev A rollout? That isn't cheap either, do they stop spending on deployment to fund this? What about Intel's partner Clearwire? Will they sit idly by and watch their white knight give the farm away to a competitor?

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La Grange, IL

Re: Fast deployment of mobile Wimax will kill citywide WiFi

Has Sprint ever actually completed deployment of anything? Notable cancellations include Sprint ION and Sprint High Speed Direct wireless.

Not to mention their spotty PCS network.

Wake me when they actually have a retail product.
Toolmaster of La Grange.
Eric Martin


Price for that cheap Wimax phone ??

Try 100 bucks a month. New toy for Paris Hilton.

Sociopaths always win.

Tulsa, OK

Holy redundancy batman!

Couldn't you have just updated the original topic posted this morning?

Jamaica, NY

Re: Holy redundancy batman!

said by inteller:

Couldn't you have just updated the original topic posted this morning?

Ocala, FL
·Cox HSI

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iDEN will benefit from this too

said by Motorola :
Motorola has been a long-standing proponent of WiMAX and will offer Sprint Nextel both single- and multimode devices designed to enable seamless mobility for users, while playing a major role in its WiMAX infrastructure roll-out. Since Motorola is the exclusive supplier of iDEN technology as well as a major supplier of CDMA and EV-DO Revision A technology, it can offer a complete end-to-end solution (from radio access network equipment to both single- and multimode mobile devices) and is uniquely positioned to expand the seamless mobility experience into the wireless mobile broadband market.
I saw this article a few days ago »www.engadget.com/2006/07/31/moto···n-wimax/ but now it all makes sense to me. Both iDEN and CDMA handsets will eventually use Wimax for data. This solves the disparity between iDEN data and the rest of the world, and free's up access on iDEN towers for more interconnect and dispatch calls. We're all going to win with this one, IF "Sprint" can pull it off.
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Sprint has been making these grand wireless internet announcements for the last 5 years. What ever happened to that grand scheme of wireless internet they started 5 years ago? Nothing, that's what! Never went beyond trial stage as far as I know. Just get on with it and quit with the announcements.

Fixed WiMax is STILL only in trials so I think 2007 for a rollout of mobile WiMax is more than a bit optimistic!



who cares?

Now confirm some price cuts for service!!

zzz zzz zzz
Miami, FL


LOL, so now with EV-DO Revision A and WiMax (probably) coming sometime in the near future it seems Sprint is on a full scale attack now.

A friend whose dad works at Nextel also told me it was the other way around and that Nextel actually bought Sprint but kept the Sprint name. He stated that Nextel owned 80% of the governments business.

After debating to him over all the PR releases said Sprint bought Nextel he said "that's what public relations is there".

Take the advice my friend gave me with a grain of salt but with Nextel actually in control I think they will pull it off.

Pleasant Hill, MO

Re: woah...

Of course your friend, via his dad, is an expert on acquisitions. I'm sure your friend's dad isn't allowing his personal pride to get in the way of reality. What your friend is suggesting is that Nextel and Sprint colluded to deceive their shareholders. I don't think so. How in the world would you believe that a cell phone company with a serious infrastructure problem and a squeeze from the FCC to return it's spectrum could buy a stable local, long distance, and mobile company? The only thing that comes close to what you are saying is that the acquisition provided mutual benefits to both companies but I assure you the money holder was Sprint with the deal sweetened by the anticipated $2billion FCC spectrum buy back.

As far as a previous post concerning Sprint not deploying anything. I'm a business traveler that has been happily using a PCS wireless aircard for internet access for quite a while now and I have been amazed at how many places this thing works; especially considering the smaller cities and towns that I have to travel to all over the US. My biggest complaint is the heat that is generated by the card.

It seems that most of the posters here are trying to compare these services to what you can get in a large city (e.g. cable, dsl, etc). There are more people in the world that can benefit from this...we don't all live in NY or LA...I'm glad that companies like Sprint and Verizon understand this and continue to attempt deployments that can be used beyond the suburbs. I can't even get Comcast to extend their cable line less than 1 mile to my house plus ten homes in between!?

zzz zzz zzz
Miami, FL

Re: woah...

Good point, I don't believe what everyone tell's me which is why I told everyone else to take that with a grain of salt.

But I would still keep it open just in case if I can actually verify his claims at a later time. I am sure there is more info.

As for deployment, the only reason I like Sprint-Nextel is the fact that they seem to be the only guys doing what a telco should be doing. There expanding and thinking 10-20 year's down the road by providing faster wireless internet services across there network. Although Verizon also has a great network I am turned off by the recent PR's stating that unlimited is limited and basically the CEO's attitude toward anyone who disagrees with him.

Also the fact that they are working with Intel, Motorola & Samsung all these companies benefit from the deployment and we might see soon laptops already coming with built in WiMax support, all thanks to Sprint. While Samsung & Motorola have similar profiles to create chipsets and phones. Also the added benefit that WiMAX has a radius of 31 miles and that's not with line of sight I believe rural customers will also be able to benefit from this upgrade to at least have broadband like speeds. With the over supply of tower sights they have which was also stated in there webcast instead of getting rid of them they will upgrade all of those with WiMAX and EV-DO Rev A.

I applaud Sprint-Nextel for there work and I hope they continue as promised. Even though I am not a investor and actually a customer I would like mobile broadband speeds that are fast and reliable. There are also listening to customers, which I have to say it's the first time I heard some telco say that.




PCS wireless cards use the existing cell network is NOT the really same thing! Sprint has been making announcements about offering broadband fixed wireless services for years and to my knowledge has NEVER delivered! In other words, they have been crying wolf! Nothing to see here, move along.