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Verizon to Abandon Bogus Fee
Spokesman: 'We have listened to our customers'
by borredo 04:29PM Wednesday Aug 30 2006 Tipped by Karl Bode See Profile
USAToday broke the story and now a Verizon press release confirms: Verizon will drop its plan to impose a dubious "supplier surcharge" on DSL lines, which we lamented around here for much of last week (see here, here, and here). "We have listened to our customers," says Bob Ingalls, chief marketing officer of Verizon Telecom, "and are eliminating this charge in response to their concerns."

Late last week the FCC claimed they would be launching an investigation, prompting BellSouth to drop a similar fee, fearing it would impact their merger with AT&T. Last week Verizon insisted they would be staying the course, and would be justifying the fee to the FCC. Apparently someone at Verizon found their supporting justification for the "fee" somewhat lacking.

Verizon customers should see a several dollar drop in their DSL bills shortly. Meanwhile DSL provider Speakeasy has avoided criticism by simply rolling the eliminated FUSF charges into other fee totals, as our users discuss.

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Re: Verizon just released this...

Yes, but Verizon will make it up when they release the DSL Supplier Surcharge Removal Charge!