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Cox Spam Filters Deleting Legit Mail?
Users complain over spam filter issues....
by Karl Bode 08:56AM Thursday Aug 31 2006
Customers in our Cox forum are complaining that the company's spam filters are deleting outbound messages with suspect links without informing the sender there's an issue. From a Wichita, Kansas report submitted by a user: "Cox has been contacted regarding the filtering of individual email on their outgoing SMTP servers, but they have refused to admit doing it. However after extensive tests of their service, it has been demonstrated repeatedly that legitimate personal email messages are being stopped."

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Layton, UT

The problem with filters is the bad guys work around them

And, as can be seen, since they emulate known good email the uninformed programmer will block the bad and as a result the good is blocked too.

The filter needs to put/mark the suspected spam/junk/malicious separate from the 'real' email and let the receiver scan it first.

At home I use a program that pulls down the headers and marks the known bad address for deletion, but I have to push the button for it to go back and delete them off the server. And it does mark some good mail as suspect and allows some bad to be marked good (until I mark it otherwise).
I am not lost, I find myself every time.



Re: The problem with filters is the bad guys work around them

Re-read the article. It has NOTHING to do with INBOUND e-mail, but out bound that's getting filtered.

I'm a COX HSI user, but seldom, if ever use Cox e-mail. I prefer Google or my companies e-mail.



Re: The problem with filters is the bad guys work around them

Company's...not companies. Kind of ironic when you tell someone to re-read a piece of literature and obviously did not do that with your own. That or you just do not understand possessive nouns, which is fine. Adding nothing to the discussion.




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Re: The problem with filters is the bad guys work around them

The POINT is, the ISP's job, like that of the mailman, is to deliver all of the mail to all of the people, period, the end. Filtering should be OPT IN, not catch us if you can. And blocking should be fully disclosed by the ISP as to which domains and IP addresses are being blocked, and why.

Just because email has become privatized does not mean that Internet users should accept anything less than the same service that would be delivered by a common carrier like the post office, Fed Ex or UPS. Do they look in your mail and decide what goes through based on the content? Do they block non-terrorist threat mail and packages, willy-nilly based on some techno-retard's mood of the day? Doubtful.

Neither should your ISP, whether a dial-up, a cable operator, a DSL provider, or any other provider.

Rocky Hill, CT
I am a cox user too, but unless you have a business account with them, all SMTP email has to go thru their server unless you are using a webmail client.

I work from home, and send a lot of email daily. I haven't noticed a problem yet, but I will be sure to keep an eye out for it.