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No Ground? Exploding Dishwasher
Comcast pays up for neighbor's poor wiring
by Karl Bode 09:21AM Thursday Sep 28 2006
A user in our Comcast forum shares an interesting tale of exploding appliances due to some faulty wiring:
"Days after two amps were replaced in my neighborhood, my neighbor directly across the street advised me that he was now having problems as well as the remainder of the neighbors around him.

A tech came to his home and did what every tech does when they first arrive, they tested the signal where it enters the home. Little did the tech know what the Comcast line was doing for the house. Upon disconnecting the incoming line, every appliance in my neighbors house instantaneously exploded, a crack opened in the ceiling, and the melted insulation on the cable wire was revealed.

Turns out, my neighbors electrical system had no ground wire. The house was using the coax cable as a conduit into the comcast system at the tap. The current then followed the shortest path into his next door neighbors ground wire."
While it doesn't seem like the problem was Comcast's fault, the user claims Comcast has agreed to pay for all the damages to his neighbor's home.

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Tavistock NJ

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reply to pnh102

Re: Is This Even Believable?

said by pnh102:

Every appliance exploded?
A crack opened in the ceiling?
Did the skies darken and moon turn to blood too?
Come on... this sounds at least like an embellishment to me.
The original Comcast thread has no link to truth of this story. This is just another "news item" based on hearsay. Certainly an amusing story, but hardly a news item.
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reply to StumpMan

said by StumpMan:

I'll take a guess that you've never seen the damage a lightening strike can do.
This was not a lightening strike. The amount of power going to the average house doesn't even come close to the amount of power brought by a lightening strike.
said by StumpMan:

I've seen a bad ground fry systems in a house before.
Frying systems is one thing, having every appliance explode is another.
Only SHATNER is Kirk.