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MPAA: Piracy Costs 140k Jobs Per Year
$20.5 in lost revenue, and $800 in lost tax revenue
by Karl Bode 05:37PM Friday Sep 29 2006
The film industry is in Washington DC with a new study, trying to convince lawmakers of the irreparable harm film piracy does to the American economy, reports the Washington Post. This newest study, funded by the MPAA and distributed by former Conservative Rep turned think-tanker Dick Armey, claims "movie piracy causes a total lost output for U.S. industries of $20.5 billion per year, thwarts the creation of about 140,000 jobs and accounts for more than $800 million in lost tax revenue". According to the study, 38% of piracy occurs on the Internet - with counterfeit DVDs accounting for the rest.

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Smurf in My Loop
Fort Worth, TX

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reply to FFH

Re: So I guess they didn't really prove

said by FFH:

said by FiL:

Plus, 170,000 minumum wage jobs is NOT what the country needs at this point.
The movie industry has numerous high paid UNION jobs. And any loss of jobs there aren't minimum wage ones.
Quite true, but then Hollywood itself is it's own worst enemy.

If HOLLYWOOD as an industry was really concerned about American jobs then they wouldn't be making so many production in Canada, the UK and Australia not to mention Eastern Europe.

When they start making all of their films in the US, I'll listen to what they say.
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Karl Bode
News Guy

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140.000 jobs....

Or just one yacht for Dick Armey or any of a hundred overpaid Hollywood executives.