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Verizon's Dubious Math Skills
.002 cents per kilobyte equals .002 dollars per kilobyte?
by Karl Bode 11:11AM Friday Dec 08 2006
A Verizon Wireless customer on their "unlimited" data plan heads to Canada and is told he would be charged ".002 cents per kilobyte." Noting that's cheap, he calls and gets confirmation. When he receives his $71 bill, he notices he's been charged $.002/KB, or "point zero zero 2 dollars per kilobyte," a hundred times more than the price given. Obviously there's a difference there, but when he tries to contact Verizon to clarify, he records a Verizon Wireless manager not being able to tell the difference.

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Sweet Witch
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No wonder

I can't find a job - I'm not stupid enough!!!!! hahahahaha