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More Upstream Speed, Please
Request goes unheeded by most ISPs
by Karl Bode 09:30PM Monday Dec 18 2006 Tipped by FFH5 See Profile
Though our users have been clamoring for upstream speeds for years, the Associated Press has apparently figured out that broadband is a two-way street. The surge in user created video has rekindled the mainstream interest in upstream bandwidth, which is frequently forgotten by ISP marketing executives. The piece notes that 100 million videos are viewed on YouTube each day, though only 65,000 videos are uploaded. ISP execs quoted in the piece argue that customers just aren't demanding upstream speeds.

Clearly our audience is a little niche, and ISPs are catering to the broader demographic -- who use their broadband connections simply to check the weather and catch the occasional movie trailer at the Quicktime website. ISPs probably won't start offering faster upstream speeds until Joe-average-consumer demands them. What can push ISPs to act?

The failed attempt to transfer family videos to others over a 384kbps pipe? Games that demand increased bandwidth? Video-conferencing? Teledildonics? Existing interactive applications and the "Web 2.0" revolution either aren't appealing to Joe Public, they aren't sucking down much bandwidth, or both.

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