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Teacher Faces Jail For Spyware Riddled Porn Spewing PC
Or at least that's her lawyer's defense...
by Karl Bode 08:45AM Thursday Jan 11 2007
Users in our Security forum point to a story over at the Sunbelt blog that claims a teacher could face up to forty years in prison after students were exposed to porn via the spyware-infected PC in the classroom. Or at least that's the substitute teacher's legal defense, after police found the teacher accessed a number of pornographic websites while the children were in the room. "Computer expert W. Herbert Horner, testifying in Amero's defense, said he found spyware on the computer and an innocent hair styling Web site 'that led to this pornographic loop that was out of control,'" claims the original story, available here.

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Lafayette Hill, PA

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What is the harm ?

Everyone misses the point. The person was convicted of this:

"risk of injury to a minor, or impairing the morals of a child."

That is such BS. I have yet to see proof of ANY harm (or impairing anything) to anyone, regardless of age, from viewing pictures. The whole thing is laughable.

This is simply a matter of hysterical moralists, conducting a witch hunt. Those who are most upset about their "children" viewing such material, are simply putting their own twisted views into the minds of the children who supposedly looked at the stuff.

There is no assumption that simple accidental viewing of nudity or depictions of sex viewed by children will cause:

1. them to explode

2. deviant behavior now or in the future

3. perverted acts now or in the future

4. "loss of innocence" (whatever that is)

5. paralysis

So to even get hyped up about it is just ridiculous. Oh, the kid saw a porno picture --- Sooooooooooo what!