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Sealand Won't Sell To Pirates
'Doesn't suit us at all,' says Prince Michael
by Karl Bode 09:15AM Friday Jan 19 2007
As recently mentioned, the principality of Sealand (really just a rusting platform off the UK coast) is for sale. BitTorrent search website The Pirate Bay said they were considering buying it as an offshore data haven to avoid pesky legal problems, though it was more marketing than practical, since they'd never raise the needed $750 million. It looks like the current owner of Sealand, Prince Michael, isn't sold on the idea of selling to pirates anyway. "It’s theft of proprietary rights, it doesn’t suit us at all," he says. "In fact, I’ve written a book and Hollywood is making a movie out of it, so it would go right against the grain to go into the filesharing thing." The Pirate Bay claims they are eyeing other islands and micronations -- in order to gain more attention and please ad partners like Walmart.

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Richmond, VA

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reply to wentlanc

Re: Pirate Bay should save money for defending lawsuits

said by wentlanc:

And while we are securing our pipeline, MILLIONS of people are crossing our borders every year from Mexico. Glad we are killing innocent people in far away lands though. Make me feel safer knowing that we are keeping the bad guys out....

The american people are dying a little every day with more and more illegals coming into this country. Lowering the bar for wages. Not contributing into the system that provides assistance back to them. People are starving in our own country. People are in record debt, while corporations like the RIAA, MPAA, oil companies, etc., are making money hand over fist. When do we stop gallavanting around the world, and start worrying about the real issues right here at home?

Wow, we actually agree on something. Illegal immigration is a HUGE problem in this country. So you support troops on our borders, too? I'm glad we agree.

Yep, people are starving in our country in the masses, like North Korea. That's why we have such an obesity problem in the US. Yep, that makes sense. Let's compare our system with North Korea, shall we? Or do we bother? N. Korea vs. USA, where would you rather live? We are such a terrible nation...that's why all those illegal immigrants are coming here, right? I don't see people fleeing the USA...this is the most prosperous land in the world. And we feel guilty about it, don't we? We shouldn't be so prosperous. We don't care about anyone else. That's why we are the most generous country in the world. Yep, you got me there.

Real issues at home? The **AA is the real issue at home, not whether or not a terrorist wants to detonate a nuke inside our country. You are SO RIGHT. The **AA IS THE REAL ISSUE HERE. And when the liberals controlled the house, senate, and presidency from 1992-1994, that must have been the most prosperous time ever. Because the liberals want to take care of us. Or, was it because after 1994, the Republicans took back the house and senate because people got sick and tired of the liberal lies?

Hmm...isn't unemployment at incredible lows?

When everyone was upset 4 years ago when unemployment was at 6%, nobody stopped to state that unemployment, under Clinton, during HIS first two years, was...6%. Never heard people complain about that.

So let me ask you...if we can't, or shouldn't, win the war on terror, what good does LOSING it mean? How will it help the USA to lose the war on terror? Will we prosper after we've LOST the war?


Spring Valley, CA

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reply to karlmarx
said by karlmarx:

Let's get this straight. What the pirate bay does IS NOT ILLEGAL. Much to this poster's dismay, the US ISN'T the president of the world. No, Dubyah has ensured that everyone hates us. But, again, what they do isn't illegal, because the **AA's haven't managed to purchase the government like they have in the US. They don't need the money to stay out of jail, because, they are never going TO jail.
you do understand that just about everything your ever said on here is mostly factless, moonbat leftist gibberish that is about as credible as a hang nail on an amputee, don't you...?

my edit: to the moderator who edited my post, do you think you can give me a heads up before you alter the words i've used so i can at least have the opportunity to justify their use...? because if you alter what i've said then the entire context of the post loses it's meaning... think about it...

Arlington, VA

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reply to karlmarx
Joe Kennedy. Which one?
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_P._ ··· nedy,_Sr.
»en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joseph_P._ ··· nedy,_Jr.
»oakland.athletics.mlb.com/NASApp ··· d=406773

If you are referring to the Kennedy family, both Joe's are a little old for Hugo Chavez, seeing as they both died in 1969 and 1944 respectively. While you're at it, you should also note Joe and John were very very anti-communist. Chavez is borderline communist, so I doubt any Kennedy with any sense would be friends with that puke.

You must be thinking of Good ole Ted "Chappaquiddick" Kennedy. I would like to say even he has his limits, but I don't think he does.

People should care about other people ripping off our music and television. One of America's largest exports is our culture. It is a huge economy for us. But I guess that's a little to much for a rich white spoiled college kid to understand. Go work on your Walmart protest signs in your drum circle.
"I hate conservatives, but I really hate liberals." - Matt Stone


Richmond, VA

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reply to karlmarx
said by karlmarx:

Much to this poster's dismay, the US ISN'T the president of the world. No, Dubyah has ensured that everyone hates us.
Um...this topic is about Pirate Bay, not the USA.

Please remain topical and don't go political.

BUT...since you brought it up...

(beginning of flame war?)
Dubyah has ensured everyone hates us? Hmmm...looks like they hated the US before Dubyah b/c while Clinton was in office kissing up to the world, terrorists were already in the US prepping for the attack.

So I guess your solution would be for Dubyah to pull an Al Gore (if he were President during 9/11) and apologize to the terrorists that those two buildings in NYC they crashed into just happened to be in their flight path, and we, as a nation are sorry for building them decades ago and disrupting their flight path.

Yeah, that'll make the world happy with us.

Therefore, no matter what the US does, some in the world will HATE us. So, might as well do what's right and DEFEND our country from the nutjobs in the Middle East (and this is coming from a Lebanese American).

Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA

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Please, get it right if you want to preach!


DOWNLOADING whatever isn't a crime, UPLOADING/SHARING a copyrighted file is COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT.

As to the whole stealing argument, If I steal something from ...you, you will no longer have it! I will!

If I copy it, you still have the original so it's not stealing. It's copying! There is a difference.
Welcome to the Digital Age!

Walking into BestBuy and pocketing a CD then walking out with it - Stealing!
Seeing a file online somewhere and copying it - Copying!

While it is wrong to the Copyright holder, it's not stealing!

Ever rip a CD?
Have you then copied it to another device? To another computer?
Is the original still where you had it? I thought so.

Now, lets make that connection a bit farther than a 6 foot CAT5... like from your house to my house.
Guess what... the original rip that you made will still be where you left it!
It's just that now I have a COPY of that same file. No stealing was involved.

Here's something that probably will irk a few of you.
I can download files from the mfgrs/distributors, whether they are audio files, video or applications/games.
Is that stealing as well?

I ask you, where do copyrights end?
Should I charge you royalties when you happen to hear music from my collection and send that to the RIAA?
Your ears are stealing something that you didn't pay for!

How about watching a DVD? Do you charge guests to watch a DVD at your house then send that money to the MPAA? I didn't think so!
You bad bad pirates you!

Ever let someone borrow a cassette/VHS/CD/DVD?
THAT is stealing too! Well, by your definition it is.

Now, WTF is the difference between me handing you a CD/DVD vs me uploading/letting you download it?

Don't give me this "because millions are downloading it" garbage either!
*NEVER* have I ever seen a million people downloading *ANY* file from me! PERIOD!
One - two - ten... perhaps. But not "millions"

*IF* I send you a file, that's the end of that as far as I am concerned. Just like letting you borrow a DVD. BFD... huh?

If YOU send that to 20 of your friends, that's on you!
If that dominoes into thousands(millions) of people ending up with that file, oh well!
*I* sent it to 1(one) person.

We won't get into the compressed files(MP3s/AVIs) vs original quality argument either. They aint the same as originals no matter what y'all have to say!
No way in Hell am I going to be sending/sharing full-on CDs/DVDs. I don't have the upstream for it!
HD DVDs? Blu-ray? Dream on! LMFAO!

Think outside the Fox... Opera


Newton Upper Falls, MA

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reply to karlmarx

Re: Pirate Bay should save money for defending lawsuits

With such a well though out and rational argument I can't see why more people can't see your side.

Yes the Pirate Bay is not illegal. Eventually the **AA and other international arms of copyright holders will place enough economic pressure on Sweden, or the Ukraine, or wherever the Pirate Bay decides to try to find safe harbor, that laws will be passed and they will be shut down.

Just like a wack-a-mole game, some other torrent sharing site will pop up to take it's place...where I will continue to steal music, software, and movies, and try to justify it by telling myself record companies are evil.

Atlanta, GA

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reply to karlmarx
Ah, the rantings of those who don't have the balls to admit they're stealing.

The laws are irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. You're taking the work someone else produces for a living and using it without permission or payment. It's morally wrong, regardless of what weak legal "argument" you'd like to run and hide behind.

I admit, I've used software without permission in the past. But at least I also have the guts to admit it's wrong...


Tavistock NJ

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Instead of buying an island somewhere, The Pirate Bay should save their money to defend themselves from the inevitable civil and criminal actions headed their way. They may need that money to keep themselves out of jail.
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