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Cingular Brand More Popular Than AT&T
by Karl Bode 07:09PM Monday Jan 22 2007
The renaming of Cingular to AT&T last week was supposed to usher in the advent of the company's "three screen" initiative -- or the idea that you could get AT&T services via TV, computer, and mobile phone. The acquisition of BellSouth was done in small part to grab control of Cingular, which had been a joint venture between AT&T and BellSouth. All of the rebranding isn't exactly cheap -- this new marketing push to unify the AT&T brand is the largest in AT&T history. Considering the amount AT&T spent to rebrand itself after SBC bought AT&T, that's saying something. Except unfortunately for AT&T, a new firm has found that customers like the Cingular brand better (via Techdirt). Steven Colbert's take on the whole thing -- well circulated by now -- is available here.

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