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AACS Devs: You Don't Have the Bandwidth To Pirate HD Discs
by Karl Bode 10:48AM Friday Jan 26 2007
The DRM that protects high-definition DVDs in both the HD-DVD and Blu-Ray format has been compromised, but the developers of AACS aren't worried. They claim nobody has the bandwidth to transfer the massive pirated files. Of course, that was the mentality of the film industry a few years back as they watched users pirate music, but obviously their peace of mind was short-lived. Yes, large file sizes are a piracy deterrent, but 20GB+ HD-DVD titles are already being traded with larger Blu-Ray titles likely on the way. For now popularity is limited, but that will change quickly as 20+Mbps connections and home media networking become the norm.

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Re: They should'nt worry

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said by loli:

Since all the movie suck, who would download them anyways
not ALL movies suck. Don't make such generalization statements. I do agree, most do suck though.
According to the pirates, thats the main reason to pirate movies and music. Heck, they suck, but I will spend my time pirating them anyway and then keep a copy for my viewing later cause I like to listen to sucky music and watching sucky movies.
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Since all the movie suck, who would download them anyways