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Will You Pay $15 More A Month For A Lower Ping?
Gamerail certainly hopes so...strikes deal with Charter
by Karl Bode 09:23AM Monday Jan 29 2007
Some time ago, we mentioned Gamerail, which proclaims it's the "first nationwide network designed exclusively for optimizing online gaming traffic," by "increasing the quality of the transmission you receive through your current broadband provider." Basically, users pay $10-$15 a month for optimized routes and prioritization, though Gamerail needs to have plenty of peering arrangements in place for the idea to work. This morning they announced that they struck a deal with Charter. Missouri and Southern Illinois-based Charter customers will be able to "decrease ping times to online game servers throughout the country by 25% - 75%," proclaims the company.

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Falls Church, VA

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reply to splat121

Re: no

Unfortunately your ISP only controls latency and prioritization of packets through its own network - and then only to a point limited by physics and geography. And with perhaps strong peering agreements with performance clauses may have some small say in how packets are handled through adjacent networks. But it cannot guarantee any latency end-to-end over third-party networks and servers through which your gaming traffic flows and for which the ISP has no control..

Its kind of like traveling.... the cab company may guarantee getting you to the airport in a certain time, but it cannot guarantee how quickly the airline will get you to another city. Air traffic congestion around the airport, on the tarmac, weather, etc. are all beyond the control of the cabbie.

If some company can successfully negotiate an end-to-end latency SLA with all intermediate carriers for specific traffic and charge users a premium for it - more power to them.

But also remember the price of prioritizing one man's traffic is the de-prioritization of others', given fixed capacity.
"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not one bit simpler."- Albert Einstein



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reply to moonpuppy

Re: If they won't guarantee speeds.......

Comcast: "Thanks for calling Comcast internet support, how can I help you today?"

Customer: "I'm trying to play WoW and my pings are tEh suck"

Comcast: "Well sir, the TOS you are under does not guarantee good ping times. If you would like, for $15 more a month, we can upgrade you to our l33t package with better pings"

Customer: "Cha, WTF!!??!!"