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County Fines Comcast For Not Picking Up The Phone
Montgomery County, MD continues attempt to improve service
by Karl Bode 08:36AM Tuesday Feb 06 2007 Tipped by JTRockville See Profile
Montgomery County resident JTRockville writes in: "Comcast was fined $12,281.84 for not answering the phone quickly enough from September through November. This is the 2nd fine issued for non-compliance with customer service standards during 2006. BBR member DonLibes notes in his blog that even members of the county's advisory committee think the fine is so small as to not be much of a deterrent. Comcast's substantial non-compliance with safety codes remains unaddressed." If you recall, Montgomery county has been at the forefront of the battle to hold providers accountable. It was the first to suggest enforcement of a broadband bill of rights.

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