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Wi-Fi Killed My Baby!
Illinois homeowners group fights Metro-Fi install
by Karl Bode 03:43PM Wednesday Feb 21 2007
An Illinois homeowners advocacy group named the Healthy Home Alliance has long fought cell tower construction. Now they're taking aim at a citywide Wi-Fi project being built by Metro-Fi, claiming health concerns but citing no substantive evidence. "To me, radiation is radiation," says the group's leader, Sue Storm. "There is enough evidence that this is dangerous and hazardous to our health if people know where to look for it," she says. Storm apparently runs an angel guidance consultation business in her free time.

The Healthy Home Alliance website is chock full of such evidence (2000-3000 studies!), including the claim that Sweden had to shut down their wireless broadband networks after local hospitals were flooded with calls from ill residents. Of course, that isn't actually true. In fact, the Daily Herald talked to a Swedish embassy rep to confirm that nothing like that ever actually happened.

The website also notes that "some parents and teachers are forcing schools to dismantle wireless computer networks amid fears that they are damaging the students health and welfare." We covered that story back in 2003, noting that the Illinois parents who sued their school to stop a Wi-Fi installation also had no scientific justification for their fears.

As we've noted, there's absolutely no scientific evidence that Wi-Fi signals are a health risk. That hasn't stopped a long list of people from waging war on Wi-Fi. It would interesting to know if these homeowners have cordless phones and baby monitors in their home or whether they avoid those as well. We stick by our suggestion that concerned parents should force their children to wear mobile Faraday cages, while the rest of us soak up the MIMO 802.11n goodness.

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Premium,ExMod 2000-03
La Grange, IL

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reply to Jason Levine

Re: radiation is radiation?

said by Jason Levine:

Hey, can I tweak my router to affect adult hormones? You know, like my wife's?
You will have to adjust to a higher RWIN. But your TTL will be shorter...
Toolmaster of La Grange.

Jason Levine

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reply to bi0tech
Lightbulbs emit radiation. Turn off those lights!!!!

I liked this tidbit too:

Teenagers are more at risk because their hormones are changing.
WiFi made my teen moody! Hey, can I tweak my router to affect adult hormones? You know, like my wife's?

Tavistock NJ

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reply to insomniac84

Mobile Faraday cage old technology

We stick by our suggestion that concerned parents should force their children to wear mobile Faraday cages.
The Healthy Home Alliance needs to upgrade to the latest technology:

The mobile Faraday Suit

My Web Page

Lisle, IL

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reply to RadioDoc


said by RadioDoc:

I suspect he's an innocent service provider but hey, if you sleep with dogs you gotta expect some fleas.
Yeah, providing service to lonely housewives in Naperville Or maybe Sue Storm is his mom.
Look! They even have their own doll.

"Naperville Barbie"
The modern day homemaker Barbie is available with Chrysler Town & Country Minivan and matching gym outfit. She gets lost easily and has no full-time occupation. Traffic jamming cell phone sold separately.


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reply to Mike

Re: radiation is radiation?

idiots vs reasonable people