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Verizon Goes For Vonage's Jugular
Asks Jury for $197 million & $4.93 per Vonage customer per month
by Karl Bode 04:14PM Wednesday Mar 07 2007 Tipped by caco See Profile
Lawyers for Verizon made their final arguments today in a lawsuit that claims Vonage is infringing on five patents devised by Verizon engineers in the mid-1990s, patents which are central to VoIP service. Verizon is asking the jury for $197 million in damages, but they're also asking that Vonage be forced to pay Verizon $4.93 per customer per month if they want to continue using VoIP technology. Needless to say, with cable VoIP competitors breathing down Vonage's neck, the company needs to win this case.

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Fargo, ND

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Re: Bad PR for Verizon

said by DaveDude:

Beside Verizon's "were always better" attitude, and were the phone company!, "opps just lost Peoria. " mindset, I am grateful for cable voip. Hey verizon $20 a month unlimited, with voicemail and other features can you match ?
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