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RIAA Turns Eyes To Mississippi
63 more people sued for illegal downloads
by KathrynV 02:55PM Sunday Mar 11 2007
Add Mississippi residents to the list of those computer users targeted by RIAA for illegal music downloads. Just after the recent focus on Ohio students, RIAA moves efforts south, suing eight Mississippi residents from Jackson and Aberdeen for their unauthorized p2p use. The Sun Herald reports that RIAA “said Friday that the lawsuits were among 63 in the latest batch filed nationwide to combat music piracy”.

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Maumelle, AR

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Re: too much

said by 88615298:

said by sd70mac666:

Shouldn't the AG of the state step in and stop this bullshit?
The RIAA may be asses and taking this to extremes, but why don't these kids just either buy the damned CD or pay the 99 fricken cents for a song? If you think it's worth having it's worth paying for.

Hell you could get a bunch of people who all want the same CD to go in together and buy it and make copies for each other and the RIAA wouldn't be the wiser and ther's no DRM on CDs. How stupid are college kids today?

Hmmm $12 CD get 12 people who all like it to chip in a dollar and then everyone download it on their computers. How much more simpler can you get? I don't advocate this, but if you are going to steal music at least don't be stupid about how you do it.
Because its not stealing. Taking music and software is now a God-given right. All justified by calling others "greedy bastards". Taking something without paying for it is all the rage these days. Then, when you get caught, you scream extortion at the top of your lungs. This absolves you of any an all blame for taking what you didn't pay for. YOU need to get with the program, buddy.


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Re: Students should have had a course in cyberethics

said by karlmarx:

#2: Copyright works are available on the internet! That's a good thing.
Availability is a good thing, however unauthorized distribution is not.
said by karlmarx:

#3: If I just copy, and don't distribute, am I committing a crime?
No. However, if you break the encryption meant to protect such works, then yes, sadly you are breaking the law.
said by karlmarx:

#4: Always use a private site, and check your work with the same tools your teachers will use. That way you can see if you can get away with it. Remember, YOU have access to the same resources your teacher has. Double check your stuff the way THEY will check it, and you can get away scott free.
I know you're serious when you say this, and that's sad. This is a terribly, slippery slope for our youth to travel down and will continue the decay of our society. "Hey, why study and apply myself to better prepare me for life when I can just cheat and be done with it quick".

Shut up baby, I know it

Allentown, PA

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Re: Boycott

BEST yet:

- www.usenetserver.com along with
- www.newzbin.com and use
- www.newsbinpro.com for it

or am I giving away secrets here? hah!