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Feds To Hand Out Digital Converter Coupons
Two $40 coupons per household, starting January 1, 2008
by Karl Bode 05:49PM Monday Mar 12 2007
As part of the shift toward digital TV in 2009, Uncle Sam will be handing out up to two $40 coupons to each American household to help them purchase a converter box, notes CNET. Over-the-air analog broadcasting ends on February 17, 2009, freeing up 60 megahertz of spectrum to be used for wireless broadband and 24 megahertz of spectrum to be doled out to emergency response agencies. A digital-to-analog converter box will be needed after that date for Americans to watch programming on older analog televisions. If the initial $890 million worth of coupons isn't enough, the NTIA can ask Congress to hand over an additional $450 million.

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Re: This is B.S

said by Farley3:

Take from Group A give to Group B, your Democrats hard at work.
Top Five Republican uses for this money

5. Buy a few extra bombs to drop on Iraq.
4. Pay for Halliburtons move to Dubai.
3. Send some more money to the Israli's.
2. Spruce up the prison golf course for Scooter Libby.

1. Reduce the budget defecit.....NOT...lol