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Viacom Sues Google/YouTube for $1Billion
'Massive intentional' copyright infringement
by Karl Bode 12:23PM Tuesday Mar 13 2007 Tipped by StudioTech See Profile
Viacom has sued Google and YouTube for $1 billion, alleging "massive intentional" copyright infringement, according to a Viacom statement. In February, Viacom demanded that Google/Youtube pull all Viacom video content after the companies failed to strike a deal, in part because YouTube was slow to integrate copyright content filters. "YouTube is a significant, for-profit organization that has built a lucrative business out of exploiting the devotion of fans to others' creative works in order to enrich itself and its corporate parent Google," says Viacom. Google stock dropped to a shameful $450.20 on the news.

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Rockville, MD

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reply to manfmmd

Re: more american competition at it's best

said by manfmmd:

What got stolen? Copyrighted works. Ask around the DI Forum and ask them if they consider the "theft" of their photographs to be stealing? 99.99% of them will come back and tell you that it IS "theft". Just because the copyrighted works are owned by "BIG BUSINESS", doesn't mean that they're not protected.
Well as much as you would like it to be theft and as much as the media industry would like it to be theft, IT IS NOT THEFT.

The law says it is copyright infringement (assuming it meets the req'ts and is not parody, comment, educational or other fair use). If you want to call it theft, get the law changed.

and a pirate is a person that robs people on the high seas.


Chicago, IL

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what is 'massive inentional'

The only way I could buy that line, is if youtube actually told the kids to post copyrighted stuff. Otherwise, youtube is just a service, and deserves the safe harbor provisions. If Viacom wants to PROTECT their intellectual property, then they need to go through the proper channels, and file a DMCA request for EVERY SINGLE 'infringing' use. As long as youtube responds and deletes said requests, they are in the clear. They GOT the DMCA, now they have to live by it. It's NOT YOUTUBES job to filter stuff, it's VIACOM'S job to monitor, and respond to infringing materials.
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Anyone not see this coming?

Gee, I know I wasn't the first person to say that YouTube would be a target if they were bought out. No one sued YouTube before because they didn't have anything. Now that Google has them, and they have a ton of cash, they are going to be a target of opportunity.
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