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University of Wisconsin Stands Up To RIAA
Will not forward file trading pre-settlement letters without subpoena
by Karl Bode 08:56AM Tuesday Mar 20 2007
The University Of Wisconsin is pushing back against the RIAA and is refusing to forward on the organization's new "pre-settlement" letters to college students without a proper subpoena. "These settlement letters are an attempt to short circuit the legal process to rely on universities to be their legal agent," says a spokesman for the University. "We do not want to be a party to that; we are not the legal agent for the recording agency, nor do we aspire to (be)."

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Noah Vail
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Lorton, VA
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reply to manfmmd


I suspect that you, somewhere in your computer, material that I have copyrighted.

And if you don't, I'll have my lawyers write law that I'll pay your local legislators to pass, to see that you do.

Now that I've said that, I expect BBR to provide me with your IP addy and your ISP to provide me with your home addy.

THEN I expect you to pay me a sum of money that I will determine.

In the interest of consistency, just send me your home address now and I'll let you know how much to pay me.

Or do you only support this line with large corporate interests?



Winnipeg, MB

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I just sent the **IAs a letter requesting they "pre-settle" my legal fees for a suit they could bring against me unsuccessfully. I wonder if they'll pay...

Earth, TX
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reply to kaila

Re: Can someone answer this?


nslookup xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx

Send email

Damn, that too a whole lot of effort.

Even if they have to go into their logs if they are using non-sticky DHCP, the time that they spend will be nothing compared to what they will pay if they are complacent in stopping P2P and found to be liable in civil court.
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