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Wi-Fi Health Fears Unfounded
Scientists debunk new BBC program and research
by Karl Bode 09:17AM Monday May 21 2007 Tipped by FFH5 See Profile
Despite no scientific evidence of harm, there continues to be people both here and abroad that believe Wi-Fi signals are a serious health threat. In the UK, fears were again spiked by a new BBC program that noted Wi-Fi radiation levels in one school were up to three times the level of mobile phone mast radiation. Of course, those levels are still some 600 times lower than the level needed to cause concern, and scientists are blasting the story as "grossly unscientific" because it failed to adhere to basic scientific principles.

Here's a new undergarment line for those who still worry.

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Lake Zurich, IL

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reply to karthwyne

Re: Scientific fact > hysteria

said by karthwyne:

...and a list of people who believe a certain thing does not make it so, however much you might wish it did.
Sorry, I have to get the buzzer out now. Aren't we told over and over that climate change is a fact, because "all the world's top scientists believe it"?

You've illustrated my point perfectly, thanks.