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$10 768kbps AT&T DSL This Weekend
But AT&T doesn't bother to tell anyone about it?
by Karl Bode 10:29AM Friday Jun 15 2007
As part of a promise made when AT&T acquired BellSouth, the company will start offering $10 768kbps/128kbps DSL starting this weekend. Some caveats: it must be bundled with a landline, the offer is only available online to new customers who've never had service and it requires a one-year contract. Existing BellSouth territory users in our forums say they're being upgraded from 256kbps/128kbps to 768kbps/128kbps for free.

There's still differences between what traditional AT&T customers and newly-acquired BellSouth customers are paying, which you can see in our recent price/speed breakdown. It's expected that AT&T prices and speeds will show up in BellSouth territory before the end of this year, but this $10 DSL offering will last for two and a half years as a merger condition.

The deal won't be heavily advertised. Note how the AT&T press release talks about raising the speed of their Lite tier in the Southeast, but mentions nothing about how some of these customers can get it for $10.

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Atlanta, GA

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I knew when I clicked on this that the whiners here would turn this into something negative.

Hmmmm, $10 DSL? Free speed upgrades (triple the speed!) for existing customers on the "Lite" tier? The horror, the horror!

I guess some people just like being miserable...