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Comcast Digital Voice Is No Longer Optional
Subscribers in Bay Area must switch by end of year
by KathrynV 02:06PM Sunday Jun 17 2007
When Comcast first upgraded its broadband network in the San Francisco Bay Area and began to offer Comcast Digital Voice services, the company told its current Digital Phone subscribers that switching to the new (pricier) service would be optional. Think again. The SF Chronicle reports that “Comcast recently sent notices to longtime phone customers informing them that ‘pending regulatory approval, your Comcast Digital Phone service is going away later this year’” and that rates will jump from about $15 / month to near $50 / month once the introductory price of $20 / month ends.

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Can you do Blu?
Hercules, CA

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Not Forced!

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No one at Comcast is forcing you/me/us to sign up for CDV.

We all have the right and abilities to go to(Insert Telco Here)__________ and get phone service with them.

CDP(AT&T Digital Phone originally) has served me well for YEARS!
Since I no longer have a POTS line attached to this house, and SBC(AT&T?) sucks ass, I decided to go ahead and get CDV.

Know what? It was painless, early, and works like a champ(knew it would).

One other perk... CDV uses it's own channel(s) so it is not using part of my HSI bandwidth!

So, article is WRONG!
There is no one forcing you to get CDV!
Terminate the CDP and get whatever the hell you want! DUH!

EDIT: Here are the prices *I* see:

$39.95 for Digital Voice Service for customer with Cable and High Speed Internet Service
$44.95 for Digital Voice Service for customer with either Cable or High-Speed Internet Customer
$44.95 for Digital Voice Service Only

Me no see $50.00 per month...

One last thing... this CDV is unlimited Local *AND* Long Distance - call anyone anywhere in North America and no per-call charges.

CDP was *NOT* unlimited LD.
A few times, my monthly bill was +$55 on CDP because of the metered LD charges!
Think outside the Fox... Opera