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What's That I Hear Fringing?
VoIP for WinMo
by KathrynV 02:44PM Sunday Jun 24 2007
Our readers were not supportive of Fring VoIP services a few months ago, partially because it was only available for Nokia phones. Will anyone’s minds change now that Fring is available for Windows Mobile 5 and Windows Mobile 6 smartphones? The Information Week says that Fring for WinMo will be good for internal communication for small businesses. Interested? It can be downloaded from the beta site.

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Avon, OH
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SOunds like a good idea to me. May be ahead of its time but you know. How about fring for my treo 700w over bluetooth the pc? Well it is around about method but the only method since i don't have internet on it.

Fox McCloud
Crazy like a fox.


Re: Fring

this will be awesome; Fring has MSN, Yahoo, Skype, and SIP phone support...The recently launched HTC 6800 Mogul is a Windows Mobile 6.0 device....and it's a Sprint only phone (for now). Best of all, is that it'll support EVDO Revision A by this fall. With Sprint's SERO plan (unlimited data access on your phone) you would pay $30 a month for.......then got VoIP with ViaTalk for the $200 deal....then you would pay $38 a month for unlimited calling with a cell-phone....

Sprint SERO+Mogul+ViaTalk+EVDO Revision A area = awesome.

the only downfall to this is that you MUST be in an EVDO Revision A area. Here in Ohio (best EVDO Revision A coverage in the US) it would work well....other states, not so well.


Re: Fring

Well my Motorola Q and also the PPC-6700 I had before only work with the speakerphone. You cant use the handset.
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Nepean, ON


In terms of a VoIP client this is not new however this is the first VoIP SIP client for smartphones that works on a wide variety of smartphones AND integrates with instant messaging. The only issue I see is that more mobile carriers are banning or limiting use of the VoIP over 3G data connections so depending where you are, it may not work for you. As Information Week pointed out though it may be good for small businesses.

Fox McCloud
Crazy like a fox.


Re: Neat

strangely enough, Sprint is the most open to using VoIP on their data network; they even made a subtle hint that users should try it out, and that VoIP service could be improved in the future with host-side QoS on the EVDO Revision A network...

Only time will tell, but I imagine a lot of people will get away with this for quite a while.