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How Much Are You Paying For SMS Bandwidth?
Too much, apparently....
by Karl Bode 11:28AM Monday Jul 30 2007
Mobile Jones sits down and calculates how much users actually pay wireless providers for bandwidth used for SMS (text messages), and it isn't pretty. They calculate that one SMS character equals one byte. If there are 1024 x 1024 or 1,048,576 bytes in 1MB, then there are 6,553.6 SMS messages in 1MB of data.
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AT&T charges a $.15 send and a $.15 receive charge per message, while Verizon and Sprint charge $.10 per message, with some variations depending on plan. Assuming you're using all 160 characters (which u don't k thx), the site throws out some garish numbers -- even for people on special SMS plans.

AT&T charges $983.04 per 1MB of message data for domestic SMS and $1310.72 per 1MB for international SMS. Verizon charges $655.36 per 1MB of domestic data and $983.04 per 1MB if you're texting someone on another carrier. They then charge $1,638.40 per 1MB of message data for international SMS.

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Re: Broadband costs

And the method of calculating cost by "Mobile Jones" is, as usual, bogus. The cost to the cell provider isn't on how many bytes are transmitted. The cost is based on use of a channel(from a limited number of channels) on the cell tower and how long it takes to grab the wireless spectrum, establish the connection, and then transmit, and then take down the connection. Every time someone sends a 20 byte message, all those costs are incurred and they far exceed the costs of some theoretical bandwidth usage. And then every time a new message is sent(20 secs later for example), the whole process starts all over again.
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