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Comcast Tech Aids Bridge Collapse Victims
Rick Kraft first on scene, rescues multiple victims...
by Karl Bode 02:54PM Thursday Aug 09 2007 Tipped by Barovelli See Profile
Comcast's technicians (though usually subcontractors) have been consistently in the news for falling asleep, murder, digging in the wrong yard or blowing up laptops, dishwashers or homes. Several techs, eager to see some contrasting stories, sent in word that 10-year Comcast technician Rick Kraft was one of the first to call 911 after last week's bridge collapse in Minneapolis. From an e-mail sent to us by one technician:
"[Rick] jumped out of his
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Comcast van and saw construction workers running away from the bridge area. As Rick looked for a way to get closer to the scene he jumped down on the embankment. . . . He then saw a red car nearly submerged and its driver was calling for help standing up through the driver’s side window, but unable to get out of his seatbelt. Once they were able to cut the seat belt, Rick carefully pulled Garrett from the car and gently guided him through the water to the shore. Rick stayed with Garrett and kept his head above water until paramedics were able to transport him. Rick went on to rescue three other people."
Kraft grew up on the Mississippi River and, like most Comcast techs, is required to get CPR certification every few years. Back in 2005, two Comcast techs rescued a drowning ten-year-old from the bottom of a swimming pool in Des Moines.

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Minneapolis, MN

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Thumbs up to Rick!

I work with Rick from time to time, he is a great guy and a great tech. He used to work maintenance for Timewarner before this area got traded to Comcast, and now he's a service tech on the customer side. I was talking to dispatch around 615 that night, and Dawn from dispatch asked if I had heard the news yet, then told me to turn on a news channel. She also told me that Rick was helping rescue people at the bridge collapse. He talked to me the next day about it, and he didn't even hesitate for a second or think twice about helping the people down there, thats the type of person he is. Out of all the people I know, he is one of the few who I would bet me life on that he would help out in a situation like that without any hesitation.

It's tech like Rick that really help to shape the public and customers opinions of a company, and he does a stellar job on a daily basis.

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