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Comcast Wants More In-House Techs?
But do investors? Probably not...
by Karl Bode 02:06PM Wednesday Aug 22 2007
Comcast's subcontractors consistently make the news for falling asleep, murder, digging in the wrong yard or blowing up laptops, dishwashers or homes. One Atlanta Comcast exec admits to the Atlanta Journal Constitution that the company would like to reduce the amount of outsourced installers.
Our installer — a contract employee hired to help handle the demand for Comcast's phone service — either didn't follow or didn't know the right process. This sort of problem frustrates Gene Shatlock, Comcast's regional senior vice president in Atlanta. As the year goes on, he wants to cut the use of outside contractors in favor of better-trained, full-time employees. "We have not been able to reduce the contractors to the level that we would like to see," he said."
Is an increase in the use of in-house installation techs part of the solution to cable's woeful customer service reputation?

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