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$4,800 AT&T Wireless Bill
Users still not paying attention to international fees...
by Karl Bode 09:02AM Monday Sep 10 2007
Back in July, a man was shocked to see that he'd received a $3,000 iPhone bill after heading overseas and getting nailed by the AT&T Wireless "pay-per-byte" data plan. He managed to get a full refund from AT&T after complaining via the blog Boing Boing. The user brought attention to the fact that AT&T Blackberry users are able to sign up for a $70 unlimited international plan, but iPhone users are not.

Apparently, he wasn't the only one not paying attention to the billing plan he signed on for. Another family is complaining they were billed $4,800 by AT&T after taking their three iPhones on an international cruise.
"Levy and his daughter each have three e-mail accounts on their iPhones, and they were each billed more than $1,900. His wife's phone had one e-mail account, and her bill hit $890. One connection alone ran $223. Levy said he has complained all the way to office of AT&T's president."
AT&T iPhone users users who travel Outside the U.S. pay $24.99 for 20 megabytes. In some countries, users can pay between $5 to $20 per megabyte for data.

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Cambridge, MA

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reply to Warez_Zealot

Re: Surprised?

Those are the same people that complain about being "forced" into a no income verification, no money down, 40 year, adjustable rate mortgage for beachfront property in North Dakota. When I signed for my mortgage, I read every word despite knowing I had a 15 year fixed.

While I do feel a little bad but I feel no sympathy. I like my unlocked Windows Mobile device which I paid $100. When I travel internationally, I just pop in a prepaid SIM and pay cheap, local rates for voice and data.

People need to take personal responsibility and be an informed buyer. Too many idiots out there letting others think for them and then cry when they get ripped off.