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Media Defender Damage Control
Legal threats & DDoS attacks -- yeah that should help...
by Karl Bode 02:34PM Wednesday Sep 19 2007
The entertainment industry has gone to great lengths to disrupt the broadband trading of pirated content. A favorite tactic has been to hire firms like Media Defender to distribute fake files, generate bogus search results and even gobble up the bandwidth of file providers. The goal isn't to stop distribution, but to slow distribution enough to aid sales (in exchange for a fee from the copyright holders).

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Over the summer, the company launched a dummy website that promised pirated content, but actually installed software that detected and reported any pirated content back to the entertainment industry (and potentially the NY Attorney General). Media Defender denied entrapment accusations, but over the weekend, some 700MB worth of leaked internal e-mails exposed the company utterly.

Now that the depth of Media Defender's tactics have been dissected by countless news outlets, the company is trying desperately to put the genie back in the bottle by sending legal threats to p2p websites that are linking to the leaked e-mails, notes Ars Technica. P2P websites like MegaNova aren't having it, and had this response for the company's lawyers:
"Dearest little asstunnels, Let me start off by thanking you for your pitiful attempt to have your e-mails removed from the entire internet," Meganova's response says. "In case you haven't noticed, this site is located in Europe (I hope you can point it out on a map) where your stupid copyright claims have no base. But fair is fair you guys did suffer over the past week so here's bit of advice to you guys: F*** you! F*** you again! F*** you again and again and again!"
The hacker group that obtained the e-mails has been hosting them at this website. They note they've had a hard time keeping the site online due to DDoS attacks they say were instigated by Media Defender. Of course, the entire collection of e-mails remains available from Sweden-based The Pirate Bay, who's traditionally laughed off American legal threats.

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Washington, DC

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reply to La Luna

Re: "stolen emails"?

Stolen emails? No problem, Media Defender can just go to any bittorrent site and steal them back.

Heavy Artillery For The Little Guy
Tulsa, OK

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I've said it for years....

... That one day it will be Hackers that are our last defenders of Freedom, because what they do will be illegal... which is, expose the truth, while embarrassing Corporations and Governments... of course, that makes them "Cyber-Terrorists"....

I guess these days they use the distinction of "White-Hat" Hackers (Good) vs "Black-Hat" Hackers. (Evil)

But I suspect that in the views of Authoritarian types everywhere, Hacker = Evil = Terrorist.
"Regulatory capitalism is when companies invest in lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians, instead of plant, people, and customer service." - former FCC Chairman William Kennard (A real FCC Chairman, unlike the current Corporate Spokesperson in the job!)