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Symmetrical FiOS Will Hit More Markets Monday
Though many states will see symmetrical 15Mbps, not 20Mbps
by Karl Bode 01:22PM Friday Nov 16 2007
As if cable providers weren't worried about FiOS already, Verizon last month unveiled symmetrical 20Mbps FiOS service, which takes direct aim at a cable broadband marketing weak spot: upstream bandwidth. Unfortunately, the symmetrical tiers were only available in the New York, New Jersey and Connecticut tri-state area. That's about to change starting on Monday (November 19).

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According to an anonymous insider posting to our forums, PA, ME, DE, MD, NH, SC, TX, OR, IN, CA, VA and WA users will be able to order symmetrical 15Mbps for for $64.99 monthly with a one year contract. Customers in MA, FL and RI will get symmetrical 20Mbps for $64.99 monthly with a one year contract.

These prices are only if you bundle voice -- standalone is $5 more per month. Users in New Jersey received flyers in the mail telling them that existing 10/2 or 20/5 FIOS customers could get $15 off the symmetrical tier for one month (you have to upgrade over the phone, not online).

We contacted Verizon to confirm this information, but the company would neither confirm or deny the Monday launch. "When we announced a consumer symmetrical service for New York, New Jersey and Connecticut we said we'd soon roll out something similar to the other 13 FiOS states and that statement still stands," says Verizon spokesperson Bobbi Henson. "I don't have anything additional on it right now," she says.

Obviously we'll find out if Monday is the launch date soon enough.

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