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South Florida Comcast Upgrading To DOCSIS 3.0
Though Comcast mothership remains quiet about plans...
by Karl Bode 09:27AM Wednesday Mar 05 2008 Tipped by Corydon See Profile
As we just got done saying, Comcast has been pretty tight lipped about DOCSIS 3.0 deployment plans, officially only saying they'll have 20% of their footprint wired with the speedier connectivity by the end of this year. While corporate PR isn't commenting on launch markets, smaller Comcast markets apparently didn't get the memo. Comcast South Florida has announced they're preparing to upgrade to DOCSIS 3.0:
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Comcast/South Florida is also making modifications to its network to prepare for the roll out DOCSIS 3.0 in 2009. DOCSIS 3.0 is a revolutionary new broadband system allowing for up to 100 Mbps (megabits per second) download speeds. . . "This new service will revolutionize the way our customers use their computers. With all the emphasis being put on streaming video and gaming, DOCSIS 3.0 provides a virtual superhighway of internet speed for our customers that will be hard to match by any competitors in our market," said Lopez.
As Light Reading notes, South Florida should see a U-Verse launch sometime this year, but the 10Mbps offered won't compete with DOCSIS 3.0. AT&T has repeatedly stated they'll start offering faster channel-bonded speeds, but that launch has been consistently pushed back. 2009 should be an interesting year for broadband -- as long as you live in a major deployment market.

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Waterbury, CT

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So...what I've been
a)cautioning about
b)suggesting was very quickly happening...and
c)outright issuing continuing dire predictions about here at BBR..

is now all coming true.

Rick..just that lone voice out here in the BBR wilderness saying...you better watch out to the telco industry.
Saying..that docsis 3.0 is too damn easy to roll out now for a cable industry that has spent 100 billion bucks in 10 years on fiber/coax..

Saying it's too damn cheap for them to do it in comparison to everything else they've already spent...

Saying..it IS coming on fast..and in a big way.

Listen folks. That WILL be enough of the self congrats because that's not what I'm about.
What I am about however..and what we should ALL be about..is discussing the now huge potential ramifications of this.
And literally..how it can impact this country and these industries as a whole.

We should be about ELEVATING this conversation..and not some cable versus telco fanboy discussion.

I have talked about what is happening repeatedly..because I simply have seen it coming..and believe it is huge.
I believe it is the BBR scoop of the CENTURY.

Here are the questions I pose to you.
And I'm telling you..I don't have the answers myself.
I'm just trying to look ahead here at how this can impact the entire industry in a big way..really fast.

We've ALREADY seen Comcast CEO Roberts demoing this at 150,000k speeds.
As to what Comcast will do with this when it's rolled out remains to be seen..but IMHO..we are looking at 50,000k + speeds potentially..VERY quickly.

What is happening here is that the U.S. is finally catching up to the rest of the world in terms of speeds..and what consumers can expect.

And that is a GREAT thing.

I'm trying REAL hard to not mutter that A^^ word..but the other bigger question is..what then happens..to them?

Verizon..I'm not as concerned about. Because somewhere back when in the last 2 years ..i think they sat down and thought this through..the way I did when I started talking bigtime about this here on this site.

But what is going to happen when 50,000K + becomes the standard..and some other company who I won't name in this post..is running along at 1/40th those speeds for dsl and
1/5th on their next generation service?

Combine that with the landlines issue...and how the cable co's are growing there..
and folks..we have a VERY legitimate topic here to discuss..

and perhaps..the biggest BBR scoop of all time.

Again..I will state my position emphatically.
I am in support of COMPETITION.

I am NOT a cable "fanboy"..and reject that label.

I simply think that what is occurring here business wise..is huge. And technology wise..it's even bigger.

Because unless that other company who I won't name here decides..like yesterday..that they are suddenly in this game..

they are going to lose this game.




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Oh, but I thought it would never happen?

Here's to the nay-sayers! Cheers to Comcast!