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We Want Broadband -- Provided It's Aesthetically Pleasing
And if you could make it so nothing explodes? That would be nice also.
by Karl Bode 01:06PM Monday Apr 07 2008 Tipped by caco See Profile
When Verizon comes to install FiOS, we try to run their installers over with our cars for digging up our azaleas. When AT&T comes to install VDSL and IPTV, we're annoyed by the fact that they need to place a massive box in front of our homes. We consumers are a fussy bunch when it comes to broadband, wanting the fastest possible speeds with out hurling shrapnel, exploding garages, smoke inhalation or ruined landscaping if possible.

It had been a while since we'd seen complaints about the large VRAD cabinets AT&T uses for their U-Verse network upgrades, and the Santa Rosa Press Democrat arrives on cue. California locals are annoyed by both AT&T and Comcast in the region; irked with Comcast's breaking of local sewer lines as they lay additional fiber, and AT&T's installation of VRADs that occasionally violate easement rights:
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For Santa Rosa resident Kerrilyn Scott, the shock of seeing a 13-foot-long hole in her front yard was too much. "When I saw the hole, I actually got a bit tearful," Scott said...AT&T notified Scott it planned to install a refrigerator-sized box on a utility easement along the front of her property....The box will allow AT&T to provide 300 to 400 of her neighbors with TV and high-speed Internet service. AT&T's notification included an illustration of what the installed box would look like. But Scott said she was never updated when the project grew in size to include a second box and a retaining wall dug into her hillside.
Locals generally worry that the boxes reduce property value, and in Scott's case, AT&T was two feet over the property line. As we've noted, AT&T is deploying smaller cabinetry in some markets. They're also in the process of replacing some 17,000 potentially defective batteries that have resulted in at least four of the cabinets exploding.

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Miamisburg, OH

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I'd like to propose a solution

To those of you who say you don't mind a metal box the size of a small trailer in your front yard, I say volunteer. Take the burden from those of us who refuse such eyesores and volunteer your property for right-of-way. That way the people who are concerned with their property value are unaffected and we all get our high-speed broadband.
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