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Bell Canada Defends Throttling
Tells CRTC that traffic shaping is in the public interest
by KathrynV 12:27PM Wednesday Apr 16 2008
Canada’s CRTC gave Bell Canada until yesterday to offer its response to concerns about traffic-throttling practices. That response has now been posted at their website. As you might have been able to predict, the response is essentially that their traffic-shaping practices are in the best interest of their customers and the general public. They cite the statistic that five percent of users were using over 30% of their bandwidth and say that this means that 95% of their users were suffering from the practice of filesharing. Join in discussion of the response over at our forums.

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North Richland Hills, TX

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reply to dadkins


said by dadkins:

said by jonnyb:

that is exactly what i am saying SIR!!!!!
You calling me a liar? Say it in actual words friend!
From a South Park when Canada went on strike.

"I am not your FRIEND, buddy!!"

Couldn't pass up the chance...

Slot Zero

Inverary, ON

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reply to jonnyb
said by jonnyb:

is that hard to understand...
Not at all. Do YOU understand that Bell's throttling of my Bittorrent client is making it extremely difficult to obtain LEGAL media? Therefore, your arguement about Bittorrent being used for piracy is incorrect.

No matter, it's a redundant question. You appear to be a Bell troll so I'm going to ignore anything you have to say anyway. lol!!

Huh? What?
Pasadena, TX

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reply to jonnyb
I think you're having trouble with your own comprehension.

Here is the point at which you said that bt users that use it legitimately are pirates:

"r u trying to tell me that there is no pirated software on the p2p that you use and that all you dl is linux distro, is that what you are trying to say? Sounds like some serious bs."
What that means (for those with poor reading comprehension) is that Dadkins is lying about only using his p2p for legit downloads. You're saying that you do not believe that all he downloads is linux distros and videos. In other words, you're calling him a liar.

That is what you said, sir.


edit: and videos

Please keep your f---ing religion to yourself.



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Re: so is putting cap on the service

Let me say what Everyone in this forum is thinking.. You're a troll. stop trolling.. you made one false offending statement and now you're stuck defending the wrong statement to your grave because of human ego. so just stop posting in this thread and start your own thread. some people admittedly just want to complain. but you're dead wrong if you think their throttling doesn't affect other stuff like vpn and rdp. i use rdp regularly at home. and from office. and i dont download squat using any sort of p2p apps from dsl connection. yet. my rdp has gone to hell over past few months super slow refresh and responsiveness.. (i'm still with sympatico) so don't tell me throttling only affects p2p. you have absolutely no Proof that it doesn't affect other encrypted services. so stop trolling please. thanks bye.