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AT&T: Usage-Based Pricing 'Inevitable'
Company to begin testing such a system this fall
by Karl Bode 02:08PM Friday Jun 13 2008
Last week new AT&T CTO John Donovan let loose that the company will begin testing "usage-based pricing" starting this Fall. "Traffic on our backbone is growing 60 percent per year, but our revenue is not," complained Donovan. Today AT&T spokesman Michael Coe tells The Street that usage-based pricing is "inevitable." "Usage-based pricing is one way to deal fairly with Internet usage, which is very uneven among broadband users," says Coe. It's also a handy way to deal with Internet-delivery video providers who might compete with AT&T's U-Verse TV service.

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Valencia, CA
·Time Warner Cable

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Re: Thieves

said by ninjatutle:

You know who you are. Stealing movies and music. Didn't think anything would happen? The wild wild west days of the internet are over.

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us legitimate users
The irony here is that it's the legitimate services that are causing this, not the illegal ones. The illegal stuff has been happening from the get-go of broadband.

It's the big bandwidth, legal TiVo/Netflix/AppleTV/XBox/DirecTV services that they don't want to be a flat-rate provider for. It competes with their own video efforts, so they want their cut of that action, and this is how they'll get it.
Laser eye surgery rocks! I love frickin' laser beams.

Laguna Hills, CA

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reply to ninjatutle

Dumbasses who are gullible enough to accept this spoon fed bullcrap from industry spokesholes and actually think this has anything to do with piracy...you know who you are.

Thanks for ruining it for the rest of us with more than 3 brain cells and can see that caps is all about stopping video competition, not piracy.

Oh and ninjaturtle1 See Profile, there is nothing illegal about my using my AppleTV and DirecTV on demand. There is also nothing illegal about VPN, Netflix or Amazon Unbox. So you can get off your soapbox.

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AT&T greed...

AT&T' greed: it's 'Inevitable'!