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AT&T, CT Settle Dispute Over 'Lawn Fridges'
Company now happy with ruling over large VRAD installations
by Karl Bode 09:43AM Tuesday Jul 01 2008
In May, Connecticut's DPUC ruled that AT&T must get the approval of landowners and municipalities before it plunks down a controversial VRAD near (or on) a CT resident's lawn. The fixtures, required for AT&T to offer VDSL & IPTV, have angered home owners in several states who say they erode property values. The DPUC also ruled that AT&T must get retroactive consent from property owners where the cabinets have already been installed.

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AT&T initially balked at that last point, but the State last week clarified that retroactive consent is only necessary from homeowners who previously opposed VRAD placement. The Hartford Courant suggests that AT&T and CT have now patched up their differences. While VRAD placement opposition originated among regular citizens, AT&T blames the whole affair on the cable industry:
AT&T saw the DPUC ruling as a victory for U-verse, which has been fighting a politically charged battle that company officials have described as "an attempt from the cable industry to slow us down." Comcast and the New England Cable and Telecommunications Association, which represents cable providers, declined to comment for this story.
With their previously strained relationship now smooth, AT&T says they'll continue their $250 million network upgrades in the state, something they claim wouldn't have happened "if the [DPUC] had said something different," according to AT&T spokesman Dave Mancuso.

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AT&T opposed to "retroactive consent"?

AT&T is opposed to "retroactive consent" when it comes to lawn fridges, but when it comes to retroactive immunity they are all for it.

consistently horrible.

My Goal Is To Deny Yours
Grand Rapids, MI

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reply to battleop

Re: It's so hard to read the words that come..

said by battleop:

par·a·graph (pr-grf)
1. A distinct division of written or printed matter that begins on a new, usually indented line, consists of one or more sentences, and typically deals with a single thought or topic or quotes one speaker's continuous words.
2. A mark ( ¶ ) used to indicate where a new paragraph should begin or to serve as a reference mark.
3. A brief article, notice, or announcement, as in a newspaper.
tr.v. par·a·graphed, par·a·graph·ing, par·a·graphs
To divide or arrange into paragraphs.
Just looking at your past experience on these forums, I think even you could learn from your own definition.

Pot meet kettle?

Waterbury, CT

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out of this companies mouth about this.

"It's the cable industry" that's behind the vrad opposition they say.

Well..jeesh..I wonder if it might be the homeowners who have these refrigerators planted on their lawns and streets that really might be the ones with the problem?

AT&T..can you try to get a clue about this?
The problem people have with you is your bullying of communities..your "damned we're doing this whether you like it or not" attitude.

And your rollout of a project that should simply never have seen the light of day...AKA..Uverse.

Don't your executives read the news? Read the BBR forums?
Read ANYTHING about what is occurring in the industry?

HDTV and HSI..particularly for the NEXT generation simply isn't going to cut it delivered via old copper twisted pair lines.

And when you are shaking up communities installing these vrads to deliver something like that..it gives even more reason for people to say...WHY? And to say..it simply shouldn't be allowed.

People, Including myself..have no opposition whatsoever to what Verizon is doing. They are also disrupting communities..but doing so in such a way as to be RESPECTFUL to the communities..and RESPECTFUL to the law..and RESPECTFUL to what is truly a next generation product.

People in turn..can RESPECT that. And RESPECT the efforts of that company in their effort to compete.

This is not the CABLE INDUSTRY behind it.

It is PEOPLE..your potential CUSTOMERS..and non customers alike..who are behind it. And who are saying to you..

You need to change.
Or you are going to not make it.

You are not going to make it by blaming everyone else.

The blame sits squarely on your own shoulders. On the decision makers..who have devised such a poor..

such a failed strategy for tomorrows world.

As of last quarters report..you had amassed less than 400,000 customers for Uverse. Is that because of the cable industry? Is that because of rants of people like me who have been very vocal about this?

Or is it quite simply..that no one really wants what it is you have to sell?

I say it's the latter.

Without a doubt.

What is occurring here at BBR is a microcosm of the community. Look at the verizon forum talk. Look at the excitement around Fios. The people who want it..welcome it..
anticipate it.

And then look at Uverse forums and talk around this website.

The exact opposite for the most part.

AT&T..this is YOUR Fault.

No one elses.

Stop blaming people. And get with the program.
The Coyote captured the RR! Roadrunner Rick is now Comcastic!