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More Specifics On AT&T's Cap Plans
20GB, 40GB, 60GB, 80GB and 150GB caps
by Karl Bode 08:52AM Thursday Nov 06 2008 Tipped by djrobx See Profile
Earlier this week, we reported that AT&T was planning a trail of caps and $1 per gigabyte overage fees in the Reno, Nevada market, with plans to expand the trial into one additional market before the end of the year. djrob See Profile writes in to note that AT&T has defined their new limits in more detail, and have confirmed that the caps will also impact their U-Verse VDSL service. The new usage allowances, according to AT&T's FAQ for trial participants (see screenshot below if the link doesn't work for you):
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AT&T Basic (DSL only) Up-to 768 Kbps 20 GB per month
AT&T Express Up-to 1.5 Mbps 40 GB per month
AT&T Pro Up-to 3.0 Mbps 60 GB per month
AT&T Elite Up-to 6.0 Mbps 80 GB per month
AT&T Max (U-verse only) Up-to 10.0 Mbps 150 GB per month
It's not precisely clear if AT&T has already decided to move forward with the caps and is simply testing the billing and network systems, or if they're seriously looking at consumer reaction before moving forward. If, like Time Warner Cable, the idea is to simply test and refine the marketing message to better sell consumers on caps, that shouldn't be too hard -- most consumers don't even know what a gigabyte is.

Update: We're seeing a lot of inbound hits from Cracked users, who should note this article is from a trial AT&T attempted in 2008. Details on AT&T's 2011 effort to implement metered billing can be found here.

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Broomfield, CO

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reply to Madtown

Re: Comcast rocks ...

yes i watch hulu / Netflix / and download some Dave Matthews band Shows that are about 1 gig each in FLAC format .

Why whats it to you BTW?

Broomfield, CO

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Thanks Comcast for you 250 per months VS ATT BS caps. If I still lived in Houston and had ATT I would say don't let the door hit you in da @ss. last month I watched what my d/l and U/P was and i only did 62 gigs. So I am cool with the cap Comcast has..