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AOL to be free for TW/Road Runner users
by FFH5 01:53PM Monday Jan 31 2005
Time Warner Cable plans to offer its high-speed Internet customers free access to America Online service, in a deal that could potentially add 3 million more high-speed subscribers at the cable division, Time Warner executives said on Monday.

Current AOL dial-up subscribers who live in regions served by Time Warner Cable will be asked to trade up to Time Warner Cable's Road Runner high-speed service, which will now include AOL.......
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Saint Petersburg, FL

Does this go for all RR users like Brighthouse?

I hate AOL but if it is free and I don't need an AOL address I take it. I do like AOL sessions. If I have to change to an aol address, email etc then they can forget it.

If they make it like MSN Internet browser where you log on and can access MSN only sites then that would be kewl.