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AT&T: 45 Mbps U-Verse Coming in 'Next Few Months'
by Karl Bode 10:49AM Wednesday Jul 24 2013
Technicians have been confirming to me for months that AT&T is currently testing a speed bump for their U-Verse service that should push the service's top speed to 45 Mbps. These upgrades have become increasingly important as AT&T falls further and further behind cable top speeds despite purportedly offering a "next generation" broadband service. Speaking on the company's earnings conference call this week, AT&T CFO John Stephens confirmed that 45 Mbps service would be coming soon, but failed to provide a hard launch date.

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"Our network upgrades are on track and we expect to boost top U-verse speeds up to 45 megs per second in the next few months," said Stephens when discussing U-Verse upgrades, currently dubbed "Project VIP." "We are moving towards speeds of 75 megs and 100 megs in the near future."

AT&T has been dropping hints of 75 and 100 Mbps service since early this year, though those speeds won't be available anytime soon, and likely won't be available to all that many U-Verse customers.

"With our plant technology advancements, 90 percent of our U-verse customer locations will have the capability to receive what we project to be 75 Mbps -- and 75 percent will have the capability to receive up to 100 Mbps," AT&T CEO John Donovan said back in January. "Almost 80 percent of the IP DSLAM customer locations will have the capability to receive 45 Mbps, with about half of those having the capability to receive up to 75 Mbps."

To obtain anywhere close to these kinds of speeds users will need to have quality copper lines, actually have additional pairs to bond together, and must be on shorter loop lengths (around 2,000 feet or less from the VRAD). Many AT&T users struggle to see 3 Mbps, so suggesting that 80-90% of U-Verse customers will qualify for these speeds is very unlikely. There's also the little issue of usage caps, which the company -- for now -- isn't enforcing on U-Verse services.

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Pair Bond?

The techs cannot get iNIDs installed without great difficulty in most cases, and I mean most. This is just a giant smokescreen, they will never get even a small majority of the current subscribers on this so called upgrade. Only the good, stable plant will qualify, read stable. Whats in all major cities currently is old, the new stuff is in the burbs, and not to mention all of the old MDUs.

Like I said in the past, cable will be at docsis 4 and google will be in most big cities well before this copper nonsense is completed.