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AT&T Adds Record Number Of U-verse Customers
Though regular DSL numbers mysteriously disappear from earnings...
by Karl Bode 08:40AM Wednesday Jan 28 2009
AT&T unveiled their fourth quarter earnings this morning. According to the nation's largest telco, a recession didn't stop them from adding a record 264,000 new U-verse TV customers last quarter. According to the telco, the VDSL & IPTV service now passes 17 million "living units." It's somewhat ironic that after several years of whining from investors concerning the high costs of next-generation broadband, those investments are helping both AT&T and Verizon weather the recession.

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Meanwhile, AT&T suffers more landline and DSL defections, they're getting increasingly sneaky about breaking down specific additions and losses in quarterly report press releases. AT&T says they added 357,000 broadband customers on the quarter, but include both U-Verse and HSDPA 3G wireless data card customers. The telco makes no mention -- through the entire release -- of any specific vanilla DSL numbers. An AT&T spokesman confirmed to me they're no longer breaking out individual DSL numbers -- likely because they continue to decline.

Wireless growth was again huge -- the telco adding 2.1 million new wireless customers. While Verizon leapfrogged AT&T this quarter to become the nation's largest wireless carrier with their acquisition of Alltel, AT&T remains massive. The telco now serves 77 million wireless customers -- seven million of which were added in just the last year.

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