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AT&T Bumps Activation Fee For Contract Wireless Users
by Karl Bode 04:17PM Thursday Jun 12 2014
Apparently, AT&T's willingness to respond to T-Mobile's "uncarrier" brand strategy only goes so far. In a very traditional carrier move, AT&T has jacked up the activation fee for wireless users on two-year contracts $4, from $36 to $40. AT&T insists the price hike is necessary because "there are administrative and other costs associated with activating or upgrading a device." The bump comes as AT&T pushes more and more users to their no-contract Next handset upgrade program, unveiled little more than one year ago.

T-Mobile CEO John Legere was quick to make fun of AT&T's latest price hike:

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Middleburg, PA

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Its about money

It costs only a few dollars to activate a customer. I do work for a carrier and I can tell you that a sim card costs about $2 and a credit verification check $3. The rest honestly goes to offset commission that is paid to the rep.

Boynton Beach, FL

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reply to JakCrow

Re: There's not even a point of an activation fee

... it didn't cost $36 to activate service before either.


Palo Alto, CA

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It doesn't cost $40 to activate service. Then again, this is "The Phone Company"(tm).


San Antonio, TX
·Verizon FiOS

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New price model, new rules, just like pots prices go up the less customers they have, wireless contracts cell phone customers are becoming the new dodo bird, please tell the last wireless contract customer cell phone with their unlimited 3g data to turn the light off when he leaves