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AT&T Follows Verizon, Raises DSL Rates
6 Mbps DSL for $51 = 'Best Possible Internet Experience'
by Karl Bode 03:48PM Monday Mar 11 2013
On the heels of Verizon DSL rate hikes of up to $5, AT&T is informing many DSL users they can also look forward to more expensive DSL service. Like Verizon, AT&T's notice to customers insists that AT&T "values your business," but the hike is necessary to keep DSL quality levels high. DSL however costs very little to provide, and AT&T's DSL is already capped at 150 GB per month with $10 for 50 GB overages.

These rate hikes appear to be focused on former BellSouth territories, which have historically already seen higher rates. From the letter:
At AT&T, we value your business and strive to provide you with the best possible Internet experience. We're writing to let you know about a change in price for your AT&T High Speed Internet service. In an effort to continue providing you with the high level of quality, service, and features you've come to expect from AT&T, starting with your April 2013 bill1, the monthly rate for your AT&T High Speed Internet FastAccess DSL Xtreme Direct 6.0 plan which you are currently enrolled in will increase from $47.95 to $51.00 per month.2 If you meet the bundle qualifications, you will receive a bundle discount of $5/mo on the wireless portion of your combined bill for AT&T High Speed Internet Direct and AT&T Wireless.
"Tack that number onto your POTS bill, and DSL becomes just too expensive for my blood," complains one user. "I dumped them both and saved a boat load of money." The user went to wireless where he'll face more heavily capped service with costlier overages, which is of course is AT&T and Verizon's intention in most of the remaining DSL markets they don't want to upgrade.

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